Rice Dishes

We use organic rice grown in Nagano prefecture, where the farmer pulls all weeds by hand. The cultivation period is longer than usual, which results in beautiful large rice kernels.

Rice Balls

All our rice balls are carefully made by hand, one by one, in our own kitchens. We fill our rice balls with our home made tsukudani as well as other seasonal ingredients, such as green peas, corn, fragrant shiso leaves, etc. Due to their popularity, we are sorry if we are sold out.

Mackerel Sushi

Made to Order. Limited Production only. Please Contact our staff.When autumn leaves start to change color into vibrant shades of red and yellow, it is said that that is when the mackerel starts to taste better. Mackerel sushi is a specialty beloved in the Kansai region, during the autumn and winter months.

Charcoal Grilled Conger Eel Sushi

Made to order. Limited production only. Please contact our staff.We grill our quality conger eel over charcoal before placing in on top of our sushi rice, which is flavor with our home made soy flavored shiitake mushrooms. This style of sushi is called “oshi-sushi” or pressed sushi, a specialty of the Osaka region, distinct from the more commonly known Edo style sushi.